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Keep a logbook. Pioneers demonstrate what works and doesn't. Experiments, plant logbooks and crop logbooks. Consumers and Enterprise.

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Why should I keep a journal/logbook? You know other good people exist far away that you wish to pass on the knowledge to. Click here to see who may benefit

What will happen to my writings stored at BackyardLogs in the long run? While other websites may come and go for many reasons: This website does not generate revenue from free accounts. We offer a free place for writers targeting readers that need to learn for free by your hands-on experience. We depend on paying customers to keep this website running for decades to come.

Why is BackyardLogs free of charge? The creators of BackyardLogs believe that knowledge should be free as our ancestors have passed on to us.

Why should I choose BackyardLogs? For starters, its cheaper to store your knowledge on a website vs a book that must be mass printed to pass on knowledge to many people.

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Let's talk business

What's an enterprise? Broadly speaking, an enterprise is a self-motivated endeavor to bring together resources to play them in harmony or accord with one another and possibly generate/accumulate capital if needed. "Self" representing one soul or a group of souls such as a company.
This means plant nurseries, market gardeners and others may benefit the most from keeping their work in private mode at BackyardLogs.

Why should my enterprise keep a record? For more information on the topic of going paperless, please refer to x.
While every enterprises's methods of business are different, keeping a record of activity can serve as an educational reference for the enterprise itself or external readers. Refer to documenting a legacy.

What kind of legacy can I document at BackyardLogs? Considering the basic provisions of a notebook/journal, this object can be anything but mundane when repurposed. A book of notes or logbook can serve as a passed-around bulletin within your business, a training manual or serve as a historical document that demands preservation.

Why should my enterprise keep a record at BackyardLogs?

How was BackyardLogs started? The motivation for piecing together and building BackyardLogs was to create an all-encompassing, long-living and accessible platform in order to serve as a reference/example to the promotion of the public's welfare, esp. one of self-sufficiency.


Can nonprofits get a discount? Yes, nonprofits get 100% off. Please e-mail your qualifications to